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This is an assured way of getting those Direct Referrals.
It really works, may take you some time, but when it gets to your link, it will pay off.
Note that you can't cheat, you'll just make the least of what you could really get.

This is rather a large post but if you're patient enough to read it fully, you'll be blessed with it.

MXE will promote the links posted here FREE OF CHARGE on rotation to users that join through our links below. This means, new users will instanly have a kickstart aid from us.

For Neobux users only! In the Future we'll add Chains for other sites.
 Remember to contact a Site Admin through email when you join us on the chain @:


I will post here a 100% tested and working way of acquiring these refs at a high degree, turn them active and actually profit from them.

Note that you'll need to copy this in order to work, so copy everything after the Jump Break.

It.. will be a large file, so it will be boring as well, but be patient and read it carefully as it will help you.

So, here it is:

Autocadena Neobux

Get many FREE direct Neobux referrals and start earning Money yet today!

With Autocadena Neobux you'll be able to get a good number of referrals for Neobux assets in a totally FREE.
All you will need to invest are 5 minutes a day.
To understand the purpose of Autocadena-Neobux is necessary to know how Neobux works.

Neobux is a PTC (Paid To Click) site.
This operates when you register (with the link below) and you login and click ads, you get payed up to $0.02 per ad viewed and up to $0.01 per announcement to viewed by your referrals.

The more referrals you have, the greater become your benefits.
All who know this kind of system knows that to make money with them, the most important thing is to have that activity, but the gains are rather discouraging poor to continue and our referrals coming to discourage ourselves.

With autocadenas your referrals will be very active because they know they will get in turn that activity, the majority of inactive users of these systems are not referenced (maybe you're one of them).

It’s not that you'd go away if you saw your active referral list growing and growing?
But even though many of these systems such Neobux just bring you profits for referrals if you were active that day, there's the rub to be active (and turn your referrals active).

It is very important to have a good list of referrals and that they are active, if you have referrals or not, assets are likely to finish yourself becoming one more inactive user
For all of this, Autocadena-Neobux has been created, to join Neobux Autocadena, not only will you get FREE a good number of referrals but also your referrals will also turn a good number of referrals, and best of all is that all these referrals through Autocadena-Neobux be fully active because they will know with certainty they will get referrals and their referrals in turn shall also have the same assets as security in turn get their referrals.
Just follow the instructions and start earning money with Neobux.

How does Autocadena-Neobux works?
Neobux Autocadena operation is based on the system of duplication, in this case, duplication of links to Neobux, add your link only once to the system, promote it and soon, your link will be automatically duplicated many times.

Who can participate in Autocadena-Neobux?
All those who already belong to Neobux and those who don’t. And thanks to the power of duplication, anyone knowing Autocadena-Neobux is able to adhere

To participate in Autocadena-Neobux you have to copy and save the entire text of this letter in your notebook after you have added your link.
Then publish this letter in
·        Traffic Exchange sites (IE Easyhits4u),
·        Forums,
·        Free ads,
·        Email signatures
·        Youtube (on relevant vídeos)

and anywhere else you can think of.
This way, your affiliate link is promoted in the Autocadena and gets many referrals for free.

Difference between Autocadena-Neobux and a conventional chain.
The conventional chain is required for participation to be referred to the chain itself, even if you are already registered in the program for which the chain has been created.

Moreover, a conventional chain requires supervision of at least one person who although initially not too fraught with problems, these increase as the chain grows, reaching a point where it is quite difficult for the supervisor to manage and control these referrals, as well as having to deal a high incoming mail traffic, because new users of the chain first apply to the supervisor via email the link by which they must refer to the chain, then the supervisor should send the link to the payment schedule given to get referrals

Then the ‘admin’ would save the links and then give them to new users in the chain. Some users even go so far to accuse these supervisors to give referrals to others when you touch them. Despite all this, such strings are actually effective in achieving a limited number of referrals.

Autocadena-Neobux With all this work is automatic and does not need anyone's supervision and also avoids the typical kinds of accusations of a conventional chain.
Nor is it necessary to join-Autocadena unsubscribe from Neobux as it is fully compatible with users that are already a member of Neobux.
Joining will also draw in any other chain to Neobux.

Since Autocadena-Neobux bases its operation in the power of duplication, the greater number of participants achieving higher levels of duplication of our link, reaching more people than many of those who may already be registered in Neobux and many others not even Neobux have heard of these people, are the ones that will become your referring to end the cycle of your link.

Remember Autocadena-Neobux bases its operation on the DUPLICATE LINKS not get referrals today, if you follow the rules Autocadena-Neobux may not receive referrals today or tomorrow either, so you'll be doing until you get your referral link doubled until, only then it is your turn to get your referrals massively.

Please follow the Autocadena standards, do not try to cheat to get referrals tomorrow, you're hurting yourself and everyone. Surely tomorrow will get some referrals if you cheat, but will be infinitely less than if you had waited your turn.
To join Neobux Autocadena-follow these steps:

STEP 1. Copy all the text absolutely complete Autocadena-Neobux, do not change anything, to be effective Autocadena-Neobux everyone should read the entire text, and save it in your notebook or computer. (Later you'll need it).

STEP 2. In the list you see below this paragraph just click on the link that is in the highest position in the list (if the link does not work copy the link and paste it on the bar of your browser) and join Neobux (if already Neobux user you this step is not necessary) once registered in Neobux locates your link to refer users.

Position 1. 
Position 2. 
Position 3. 
Position 4. 
Position 5.
Position 6.

STEP 3. Open up your notebook with the entire message and delete the link number 1, then passes on link number 2 to position 1, the link number 3 to number 2, the link number 4 to number 3 position The link number 5 to number 4 and the link number 6 to number 5.

Thus the link that was present when you saw Autocadena-Neobux first at Position 1 has disappeared and left vacant the post number 6 adds to number 6 your link. (Do not forget to add http:// before your link).

IMPORTANT NOTE: A new Autocadena has been launched, its positions are not  full yet, register using the link on the higher position, add your link in the lowest slot (Number 6) in the case of that your entry fills up all 6 slots, eliminate this note, the cycle is completed and the follow-up messages should not be sent with this note.

STEP 4. Since this is where the real power starts Autocadenas.
Internet for online forums, bulletin boards, message boards, bulletin boards, chat rooms (chats), discussions, discussion groups, online communities, everything that serves to spread the message and publishes in Autocadena.

They all AUTOCADENA MESSAGE without changing anything except your link at number 6. Do not write it by hand, would spend hours writing, just copy the contents of your notepad and paste it on all these sites.Studies of this system are estimated to 200 listings, my advice is to put several of these ads the first days and then to 1.2 or 3 every day, so your referrals will continue to grow every day.

Also you can send to your contacts and friends, but do not spam, it is annoying and it's a crime. Spam is considered to send these messages to recipients whose e-mail has reached you in one way or another and not know or has asked information about the subject.

It is proved that for every 200 people who see this type of posting at least 15 meet. These 15 new users will like your doubling your link.
200 listings you send 15 people join.

1. 15 (1) = 15 people = Your link is duplicated 15 times.
2. 15 (15) = 225 people = Your link is duplicated 225 times.
3. 15 (225) = 3375 people = Your link is duplicated 3375 times.
4. 15 (3375) = 50625 people = Your link is duplicated 50,625 times.
5. 15 (50625) = 759,375 people = Your link doubles 759,375 times.

Realistically, you will not get to the end of your cycle 759,375 referrals, this is totally impossible, but suppose you get 100 referrals (a ridiculous figure to see the level of duplication of your links). Was it worth it to lose 5 minutes a day?

How much can you earn?
Assuming that we have won those 100 referrals in a program and the program pays 0.01 cent per click or email and clicks or maximum daily emails are 4're winning:
0,04 $ for your daily clicks.
$ 4 per day for the clicks of your referrals.
0.04 x 30 days = 1.2 $
4 $ x 30 = 120 $

What makes a total $ 121.2 monthly by PTC or PTR.

Don't limit yourself to just one Autocadena, if you participate in several others think about how much you can earn per month for those 5 minutes a day. The double, triple? All is up to you.

Although there were only 10 referrals made by PTC and earn $ 12 monthly by PTC or PTR and you will have been worthwhile to participate.


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